How We Started


It was in October of 2003 that the La Salle University School for the Deaf was officially opened. Previously, it was under the Community of Hope Special Education Center, Inc. (CHSEC), a non-government organization (NGO) which was administered by the Missionary Sisters of Saint Columban.
The CHSEC was formed as a response to the many needs of people with disabilities in Ozamiz City, Mindanao, Philippines. Since there was no basic education being provided for them, Sister Mary McManus, a Columban Sister, with student volunteers, began visiting them in their houses to extend tutorial services for stimulation. Due to the growth in numbers, the visiting to families become impossible. At the Columban Sisters’ request, the Diocesan Social Action Commission provided a room where the Deaf people could attend daily.

However, since it was not registered with the Department of Education, after a negotiation between the administration of La Salle University and the Columban Sisters it was agreed upon to transfer the Deaf students under the care of La Salle University.


La Salle University School for the Deaf is one of the programs of La Salle University – Ozamiz. It provides a quality Lasallian education to the less privileged differently-abled Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students. It envisions to be the catalyst for the social recognition and acceptance of all Deaf people as full and equal citizens, empowered to actualize their potentials by an active participation in the economic, social and cultural life of the community.


The School for the Deaf is committed to provide with appropriate education, empower the Deaf and their families and create opportunities for the Deaf to engage in activities in the communities where they live.


The School for the Deaf aims to: 1. improve the Deaf’s quality of life by providing appropriate education from preparatory, secondary and tertiary levels; 2. provide vocational and life skills training, sporting activities, artistic and creative activities; 3. empower the Deaf and their families so that they can advocate for their rights in the society; and 4. provide special services where the Deaf are welcomed, loved and cared.


  1. Complete Basic Education: Preparatory, Elementary, and High School in multi-grade level self-contained set-up
  2. Post Secondary: 2-year Certificate in Computer Operation and Multimedia Technology
  3. Mass in Sign Language at the Local Catholic Church
  4. Sports
  5. Basic Sign Language classes
  6. Values Formation for the Deaf
  7. Deaf Counseling
  8. Alcohol and Drug Intervention Program for the Deaf
  9. Retreat for the Deaf
  10. Summer of Service Training
  11. Deaf Camp
  12. Home Visitation


La Salle University School for the Deaf Ozamiz City is now accepting Basic Education and Post Secondary Deaf students for academic year 2015-2016.

Preparatory: Kinder 1 and Kinder 2

Elementary: Grades 1 to 6

High School: Grades 7 to 10

College: 2-year Certificate in Computer Operation and Multimedia Technology

Friday, April 24, 2015

Thanksgiving for Volunteer Teachers

The School for the Deaf of LSU Ozamiz is very thankful to the following volunteer teachers who shared their time and talent to the Deaf Lasallians: Mr. Lito Real - Chemistry. Mr. Jonathan Molina - Trigonometry. Mr. Rodney Decena - Algebra. Ms. Razel Bayron - Geometry. Ms. Russell Mejorada - Science and Biology and to Ma'am Sarah Osorio Talibong - Sign Language Interpreter. Message to volunteer teachers The measure of our success is not what we have become or whom we have become but what the Deaf students have become because of you volunteer teachers who shared your time and talent for the deaf students to learn in the respective subject you are teaching. “Teaching the Deaf by all means is my passion”. May this motto of mine radiates in you as you are starting to get yourselves be involved in the Deaf community. The experiences we reciprocated will forever be remembered in the hearts and memories of the deaf students we served. Proverbs 19:17 says he who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done. Truly, we will be rewarded for teaching the less fortunate students especially the Deaf. We will never know when will that be and how will it happen, only God knows. The School for the Deaf has limited resources for this purpose. True enough, they made voluntary daily contributions since January just to come up with this simple thanksgiving. This is our simple way of saying thank you to you all teachers for being part of this wonderful experience to be involved in the Deaf community. May this school year will not be the end of our journey in teaching minds, touching hearts, and transforming the lives of our dearly beloved Deaf students. I would like to end by saying that “a person’s best asset is not his/her head full of knowledge, rather a heart that cares, an ear that listens, and most of all a hand willing to help. On behalf of the Deaf students, thank you and God bless you all. Sarah O. Talibong Vice-Principal

Deaf students garnered awards during the Lasallian Earth Pageant 2015

Two (2) Deaf students garnered awards during the LaSallian Earth Pageant 26 February 2015 held at La Salle University Arts Center Ozamiz City. The pageant was participated in by the different units in the university. The official candidates were from the College of Teacher Education, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and Architecture, College of Nursing, College of Business and Economics, College of Accountancy, College of Computer Studies, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Integrated School, Night High School, Brother Martin Simpson Laboratory School, and the School for the Deaf. Deaf candidates YEDDA ATHEA ABERGAS garnered Most Facebook Likes award and REYNALDO MOLEJON garnered awards as the Most Cooperative, God of Water, and the Mr. Lasallian Earth 2015. The costumes of the candidates were from the used recycled materials for the Recycled Fantasy Attire Water and Recycled Fantasy Attire Air. Two (2) SpEd students from the College of Teacher Education Jerick Ted Alfanta and Janet Palanas served as the sign language and voice interpreters during the question and answer portion. It is indeed a great pride in the School for the Deaf community. TRULY THE DEAF CAN....ANIMO LA SALLE!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Deaf Students’ Christmas Party 2014

It’s the yuletide season: a season of loving and a season of sharing. To celebrate the coming of Christ, people nowadays, Christians and even non-Christians, hold gatherings or a party. As a tradition, Filipinos hold gatherings not only with their families and relatives or friends but also in their workplace, church, school and other organizations they belong to. The Deaf Lasallians in Ozamiz City celebrated the Students’ Christmas party on December 18, 2014. It was started with a lantern parade and a Mesa de Gallo held in the Arts Center early that morning. Hours later, students in primary and secondary level in their respective school and classrooms namely, BMSLS, IS, NHS, and SFTD enthusiastically prepared for the party itself. Before I went to school, I was wondering what it would be like. I know it’s going to be different from last year and I’m sure that’s what the other students thought too. Surely, the younger students were more excited about receiving gifts and the foods. When I arrived in school, my classmates and schoolmates already started playing some parlor games in the care of Ms. Yamie Fiestada along with the other LSVP volunteers. Among the games played were Trip to Jerusalem, Newspaper dance and others. As I looked on to watch, I also met some of the alumni and old friends. There were also parents and visitors. After the fun games, we headed back to our classroom to continue the program hosted by Ms. Rosevie Samarista. There were short and cute dance presentations rendered by the elementary, high school and some college students then after that, we prayed for the abundant meal we had at the table. I can say that the deaf students were really disciplined and well-mannered because they formed an accordingly line. There were no pushing and shoving. The foods were really plenty so, the students came to the table to grab some more again and again. Shortly, our teachers in Science and Math arrived. They were entertained by Ma’am Marecel Aljo and Ma’am Sarah Talibong. After everyone was full, we started our exchanging gifts. It was also fun and filled with joy because we had to describe our manito and manita in a Filipino Sign Language (FSL) manner. Some students had the same manito from last year, some were best friends, some were ex-lovers and some were enemies but you see, that was overlooked because it’s a time for them to reconcile, make amends and have peace between them. After all, we should “Give love on Christmas day” right? When the students’ exchanging gifts was done, we also gave our volunteer teachers gifts as a sign of our gratitude towards them for willingly teaching us. The program was ended with a prayer by Mr. Franzlin Banua. The teachers and LSVP volunteers went to the Arts Center at noon for their Teachers’ Christmas Party-but that’s another story. While they were away, we started cleaning the classroom. When it was already cleaned, we exchanged hugs, goodbyes and warm greetings for Christmas. We’ll surely miss each other because we won’t meet again for the next 18 days. Some of us stayed for a while to catch up with some friends then went home safely. - Ana Dominique Amores Limbaring (Deaf Writer) –oOo-

6th Deaf Week 2014 held

La Salle University Ozamiz City School for the Deaf celebrated its 6th Deaf Week with the theme "Healthy Ear: Advocacy and Responsibility", November 16-22, 2014. The activities conducted were: Holy Signed Mass at Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Fun walk and Fun games at Gaisano South Wing, Poster Making contest, Deaf master chef 2, Games, Sign Language Instruction to hearing students of the Integrated School (IS) and Brother Martin Simpson Laboratory School (BMSLS), Deaf Got Talent 3, Seminar on Deaf Leadership, Deaf Fear Factor, and Search for Mr. and Miss Deaf Week 2014. The Deaf students showcased their talents during the Deaf Got Talent. Also, a group of deaf students together with the four Lasallian Volunteer Program (LSVP) volunteers: Yamie Fiestada, Basil De Leon, Rochelle Corrales, and Rosevie Samarista conducted the Sign Language Instruction at the IS and BMSLS. The highlight of the week-long celebration was the Search for Mr. and Miss Deaf Week 2014. In celebrating this year’s 6th Deaf Week, LSU School for the Deaf not only pays tribute to Deaf individuals who despite their hearing and other impairments but also endeavor to have access to education for the Deaf community. The School for the Deaf has urged everyone to support every effort to bring Deaf students into the mainstream, where they too have a rightful place, and help them gain access to opportunities to become productive members of the community. Thank you to the teachers, volunteers, and most especially to the Deaf Lasallians who contributed much effort to the success of the 6th Deaf Week celebration. TRULY THE DEAF CAN!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LSU Deaf students on completion

Three (3) Deaf students completed the 2-year Certificate in Computer Operation and Multimedia Technology at La Salle University Arts Center Ozamiz City, 18 October 2014 composed of Jamaica Cabanlit, Charlyn Compo Quilo, and Joeriz Virel Quimson. These Deaf students passed the NC 2 HARDWARE SERVICING conducted by the TESDA assessor on October 20, 2014 at Agro Industrial School Oroquieta City. CONGRATULATIONS Deaf Lasallians. Truly THE DEAF CAN.

LSU School for the Deaf celebrates International Deaf Day 2014

Thirty-four (34) Deaf people convened at Ozamiz City Hall grounds for a yearly celebration of International Deaf Day, September 20, 2014 with the theme "Strengthening Human Diversity". Deaf people from Pagadian and Iligan also joined in the celebration. Br. Toby dela Cruz FSC also graced the occasion and gave his inspirational message to the Deaf who were in attendance. There were different group games conducted. The activity was also sponsored by B-Meg, McDonalds, Jollibee, Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr. and Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Bernad.

Tingog sa mga Adunay Kabilinggan, July 24, 2011. Topic: Magna Carta for PWDs